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Main business system
No Industry type System name
1 Government ・Comprehensive local government information system
・Volunteer management system
・Public institution work support system development
2 Financial institutions ・Back Office support product development
(card loan support, electronic document management, etc.)
・Consultation counter support system
・Building mutual aid contract/stock issue batch system
3 Power-related ・Core system
(HR/labor, construction/material, budget management)
・Power smart meter system development
・Power liberalization system development
4 Transportation
・Timetable creation support device
・Driving record recorder
・Station train control device and operation management device
・Railway operation support system development
5 Automobile manufacturer ・Development of automobile production line control system
・Development of embedded automobile parts
6 Medical and
・ Secondary usage system for electronic medical record data (nursing diary creation, discharge summary summary)
・Nurse call system
7 Communication ・Medical data communication system
8 Paper manufacturing ・Material purchasing system
・Inventory management system
9 Real Estate Business ・Real Estate Management System
10 Industrial waste ・Industrial waste disposal site comprehensive management system
11 Printing ・Order sales/Order purchasing/Inventory/Production management system (for SMEs)
No Industry type System name
1 Cloud service ・Simultaneous contact mail system ” RenraKing”
・Data backup service
・Security appliance service

(As of December 21, 2018)

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