We are a system development company in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture. We provide highly reliable ICT solution services.
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Corporate philosophy

We aim to be a company where each and every employee can be healthy and play an active role, and support our customers’ further development and the recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake through ICT.

【Social Mission】

We support the further development of local communities and our customers with ICT.

※ Through our business, we will contribute to the further development of the local community and our customers.

※ Our goal is to become a company that increases employment and brings smiles to our customers’ and employees’ faces.

※ We aim to be a company that anyone can answer, “The BACS Information System is the best for ICT companies”

※ Our consensus is to do our best to fulfill this social mission for the bright future of all children.

【management approach】

We will provide the best solution yet to come with more creative ideas.

We will do our best to always work with our customers, feel the growth, and share the excitement.

In order not to lose our joy in our work, we will create a sense of mutual values among our employees by asking
questions to ourselves.

※ We will challenge new things with a sense of speed without being seized with any established concepts.
Execution is all, and things have the value after beeing carried out.
We will take on this valuable challenge without hesitation, and those who take on the challenge will receive a better evaluation than those who do not.

※ The conflict of diverse opinions among energetic employees is the energy needed to create new things and is the driving force behind innovation.
In addition, a company with many energetic employees will be able to deliver peace of mind to its customers and make them happy.

※ In order to achieve our goals, it is necessary for our employees to have a strong bond with each other in a mutually beneficial manner and to help each other.

※ Knowledge is valuable only when it is shared, and we emphasize this shareing action.

※ We believe that the ultimate goal of a company is to contribute to the society and to serve the public interest.
Businesses must focus on the public interest and pursue profits.

※ Only our customers can always evaluate whether we have done a good job.
revised on December 1, 2021
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